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Supra Mission 47 - Everything A Crypto Enthusiast Needs To Know

In the course of this article, we will cover a practical guide to the Supra Misson 47 quiz answers. As a crypto enthusiast, who is following the upcoming Supra airdrop, and tokens, it is best you stay equipped with the correct answers to the missions, so that you will be able to access future Supra missions. 

What Are The Supra Mission & Quiz Questions And Answers?

At the time of publishing this Supra mission 47 quiz answers, there are just 3 quizes. In subsequent paragraphs, you will see detailed answers that will help you pass. 

First Supra Mission 47 Question

What does “desirable capital” mean in Supra’s PoEL Protocol?


 Desirable capital is known as an asset that brings resilience against devaluation. Desirable capital in the Supra Poel protocol are also known to be in high demand for trading.

Second Supra Mission 47 Question

 What is the primary purpose of Supra’s Proof of Efficient Liquidity Protocol?


 Supra's proof of efficient liquidity protocol is used to maximize utility of capital across both network security and AMM.

Third Supra Mission 47 Question 

How does Supra’s PeEL Protocol bring unique protection against weakening of the network security due to devaluation of staked assets?


 the protection comes by incentivizing limited diversification of the asset base staked in the network.

With the above elucidated answers to the Supra mission 47 quiz, you can be able to answer them correctly, and move on to the next mission. 

How does the Supra Mission 47 Quiz work 

Every user has one shot at the quiz, that is why it is important to get the answers right. If you miss the Supra Mission 47 quiz, the user will have to wait for the mission of the upcoming week. This is why we take the pains, to ace the Supra mission 47 answers for you.

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