Practical Guide On How To Know Original Honey In Nigeria

 Honey is a sweetener that comes naturally from bees. It is used for both medicinal, cosmetic, and for consumption reasons. However, not all the honey you see out there is original. That is why we have dedicated this blog post to cover the subject: “how to know original honey in Nigeria”.

There are brands of honey that contain lots of additives, thus making it unfit for usage. In the course of this article, we will be covering a practical guide on how to know original honey. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

how to know original honey in Nigeria

Knowing Original Honey In Nigeria By Checking The Label 

One of the best ways to know original honey in Nigeria is by checking its label and packaging. With the labeling of a bottle of honey, you can be able to decipher whether it's genuine or fake. People that sell fake honey don’t really pay attention to the labeling. You can use the label to know fake honey in Nigeria. 

Knowing Original Honey Honey In Nigeria By Checking The Source

When you know the source of honey, it is easier to know whether its original or fake. It is important to note that original honey always comes from local beekeepers in Nigeria. These local beekeepers usually harvest them from their beehives. Honey from local suppliers can hardly be fake. 

Knowing Original Honey By Running A Water Test

Other than sourcing the honey from local beekeepers, you can also source run a stress-free water test to determine its originality. 

The purpose of the water test is to know whether the honey is pure or not. To run a water test, all you need is a glass of water, and a spoonful of honey. If the honey you are testing is original, it will sink to the bottom of the glass. The reason for this is that original honey contains natural sugars that are soluble in water. As for non-original honey, they contain adulterated sugars that are less dense than water. Original honey will sink to the bottom of the glass, while the one that is not original will not sink.

Checking For Crystallization 

Another effective way to know original honey in Nigeria is by checking for crystallization. Honey is known to crystallize over time due to its high sugar content. This is a natural process and does not affect the quality of the honey. However, some manufacturers may add sugar syrup or other substances to honey to prevent crystallization. This may affect the taste and quality of the honey.

Checking For Natural Particles Inside The Honey 

Did you know that natural honey usually contains  natural particles such as pollen, which settle at the bottom of the container. Looking for granules or sediments can also help test the purity of honey. Adulterated honey may contain impurities such as sand or sawdust, which will settle at the bottom.

Knowing Original Honey By Smelling And Tasting It

Tasting and smelling honey can also help determine its authenticity. Genuine honey usually has a distinct and pleasant aroma and flavor. It may also have a slightly thicker consistency and may not taste as sweet as adulterated honey. Adulterated honey, on the other hand, may have a strange or off-putting taste or smell and may be too sweet or too thin in consistency.

Using The Pricing Of Honey To Know Its Originality

Lastly, the price of honey can also help determine its authenticity. Genuine honey is usually more expensive than adulterated honey due to the cost of production and harvesting. If a brand of honey is significantly cheaper than others, it may be a sign that it is adulterated or contains additives.


To ensure that you are consuming genuine honey in Nigeria, it is crucial to check the label, source, do the water test, check for crystallization, granules or sediments, taste and smell, and check the price. Purchasing genuine honey supports local beekeepers and ensures that you are consuming a quality and healthy product. Some trusted brands and sources of genuine honey in Nigeria include Yemi Foods, Beesweet Honey, and Honeycomb Nigeria.